Florida Life: 8 Reasons People Are Moving Jacksonville and Loving it

March 10, 2018


Wow! Jacksonville, Florida. You surely have been a pleasant surprise. After five years of living here, I can see what a great decision that was. Known for not much else than the Jacksonville Jaguars and maybe a few other things too small to mention, I had no idea how much I would love you. But I'm not the only one who see's this city as a valuable gem. Over the past few years, people have been flocking to Jacksonville, not only for opportunity, but a lifestyle you really cannot get anywhere else. Not at this value. In fact, Forbes Magazine has names Jacksonville in the top five cities people are moving to. And if you knew what they knew, you would too!






1) Great Job Outlook & Very Low Unemployment


According to Forbes Magazine, the unemployment rate is only 4.4% and was ranked #5 among top cities people are moving to. Indeed.com names Jacksonville as one of the stronger job markets compared to the rest of the US.



2) Low Cost of Living


According to Sperling's Best Places, Jacksonville's cost of living sits well below the national average! The median cost for a home is only $272,400, according to Forbes Magazine. This low cost of living allows the city's citizens to spend more money on leisure. And trust me, there are plenty of things to do.



3) So Many Things to Do - So Many Places to See


Being the largest land mass city in the United States, Jacksonville has many unique areas of town. These unique areas offer different types of experiences whether living or entertainment. From the historical neighborhoods of Riverside near downtown to the quiet suburban escapes of Fleming Island, the country living of Green Cove Springs, and of course the wide array of small beach communities. And those are just to name a few. Jacksonville has something for everyone. Just driving through you can see sights wherever you go. Whether long the St. Johns River, one of the many wetlands, wide array of wet lands, or just crossing one of the many bridges. Not only that, Jacksonville is known for having the largest public parks system in the United States. Whether your spending a day at Little Talbot Island, camping and Dolphin Watching at Hannah Park, taking the boat and jet skis for a spin, or getting some great fishing in, Jacksonville never lets you down. And if you are more of an indoor person, Jacksonville has a rich arts community. There are wonderful museums and theaters. But more importantly, Jacksonville does a spectacular job at providing opportunities and events for their local artists all over the city. And finally, if you are into any type of sports, Jacksonville and surrounding areas have got plenty of teams both professional and amateur. Our stadium is amazing. Sports fans will feel right at home. Whether it's football, baseball, soccer, golf, you name it, Jacksonville has it.



4) So Close to Other Really Awesome Places


Living in Jacksonville, you are only a hop, skip, and a jump away from other very entertaining places. Need a weekend vacation? Have fun narrowing it down with all the options that nearby Florida destinations and other surrounding states have to offer within just a few hours drive in your car. The possibilities are practically endless. You might as well put them all in a hat and draw one out. It'll make it easier.  You could head up to Savannah, Georgia in two and a half hours and tour their rich history while visiting shops, museums, and many other fun activities. Hit the road to St. Augustine, get there within the hour and do the same in the oldest city in America. Head to Tampa and enjoy their Pirate festival with real pirate ships! In only a couple hours, visit Orlando's numerous theme parks and stay at one of their many resorts. Head down to Key West and watch the sun set at the edge of the world. The opportunities for thing to do and see are endless when you live so close to so many destinations. 




5) A Lot of Living Options


The housing market in Florida is incredibly healthy. And with so many options for where and how to live, it only makes sense. From downtown living, to old historical neighborhoods, to the booming town of Orange Park and much of Clay County, the options are endless. Whether you want to live in a condo, a town home, a home of your very own, a farm, or whatever you can dream, Jacksonville and its surrounding areas have it. The older charm of the historical homes remain very popular, but with all the new construction going up to keep up with new incoming Florida residents, you cannot go wrong. And with the market in such a healthy state, making any real estate investment, whether your in it for one year or five years is a lucrative one. The rental market is just as hot as the real estate market. This drives up rental rates, but for owners of real property, it is a gold mine. 



6) Nature Nature Nature


Whether you're inside the city waiting at a stop light or headed out through the country, nature sights are everywhere. Most of the Jacksonville road system is decorated with water retention ponds that become wildlife hubs within the city limits. Once, on my way home from Orlando, I stopped to watch a manatee giving birth near a bridge I was crossing. This type of opportunity can be rare other places, but in Jacksonville, it is a part of life. Not only that, our protected parks in the area offer a wonderful immersion into nature and bird watching. Photographers and artists throw themselves into observation and share it with the rest of us. Sifting through night time tide pools at the beach and seeing what kind of critters you can find becomes a way of life.





7) Cultural Diversity Means Lots of Good Food


Jacksonville is such a beautiful city with people of many different cultures and origins. And each of them bring their own flavor to Jacksonville. If you have a chance to visit, you will notice that there are a lot of places to eat. Never a lack of good food options. From dives, authentic hole in the wall places, to unique chains and gourmet dining experiences, You'll never go hungry. The rich flavors of all that Jacksonville has to offer comes alive in the food of its people. Jacksonville's restaurant owners and chefs  have a real passion for their food. Jacksonville's local flavor is both southern and global. You can have a new flavor each week. 




8) Unlimited Possibilities


The reasons listed above are only a few of the wonderful things you can experience while living in Jacksonville. And if you fully take advantage of what this city as well as its surrounding areas have to offer, you will never suffer a dull moment. Jacksonville is a place where you can work through the week and take mini-vacations. Take a night and have dinner and drinks by the beach after a rough day at work. Go see what is playing at the historic Sun Ray Cinema in Riverside and have dinner with your movie. Restaurants, Diners, or hole in the wall eateries and grab some comfort food along with a beer from one of your favorite Jacksonville Breweries. Leave Jacksonville for an evening and walk the historic district along the Montanzas Bay in St. Augustine. There are so many ways to enjoy life here. The only problem is, picking which one to go with. But trust me, you'll figure it out. There is something for everyone. 








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