There comes a time in every home owner's life when you have either outgrown your current home, are ready to retire, or have a new vision in mind. If you are selling your current home, hiring a good Realtor is probably one of the most important things you can do to ensure the desired outcome of that sale.
And no, that is not a gimmick. Realtors have a special license and attached to that special license is specialized knowledge. That knowledge is a living and breathing entity that changes and grows not only through the Realtor's experience, but their continued education. In the state of Florida, Realtors are required to re-educate themselves in order to maintain their license. They must have constant up to date knowledge of not not only the market in your area, but the legalities of home purchase and sale paperwork along with the process. They are there to ensure the security of your sale and your vision and reduce owner liability. A good Realtor is there for you!
But it is not only their knowledge that helps to ensure the success of your sale. For a good Realtor, it is the passion of helping people. It is important that they take as much care and diligence as if it were their own home. They should get to know you and what your goals are for you, your family, your financial well being, and your future regarding the sale of your home. They should always have a plan and communicate that plan to you on a regular basis.
Respect, trust, and being on the same page are vital to this process. You want someone who understands this. You should be receiving feedback from your Realtor on a weekly or biweekly basis. Your Realtor should never disappear while your home simply sits on the market with no feedback. When choosing an agent, it is so important that they understand how to communicate with you.
Thinking of selling it yourself? Save yourself the headache, liability, and the money. Without the marketing, market knowledge, and buyer/agent connections of a good Realtor, data has shown year after year that For Sale By Owners sell for far less than similar homes sold by a Realtor. Why does this happen?
  • First, your home will not get marketed to as many people. So that perfect match; that person who is actually willing to pay that price you so desire, may not even know your home is for sale. Putting it on Zillow is not good enough on it's own. A good Realtor will have access to hundreds of sites world wide. Not only that, they will pay a lot of money to advertise it on many different platforms in addition to the internet.
  • A good Realtor also knows the market well enough to price your home with the market. A home that is not priced with the market is likely to sit there. And the longer a home sits there, the more people begin to wonder what may be wrong with it, when in reality, there may be nothing at all wrong with it. Investors will pick up on this. They will call and offer you obscene amounts lower than what you would like to net.
  • If you hire a good Realtor with good market knowledge and a solid marketing plan, they can get you more money for you property than if you sell it yourself. Some of that extra is used to pay their commission, the rest goes in your pocket.
  • Not only that, a good Realtor will make sure that only serious, pre-qualified buyers are looking at your home. And each and every person who comes through your home must be accompanied by a Realtor. Each Realtor must use a standard Realtor Association lock box that tells them exactly who is entering the home and when they leave. You do not need to be present for showings. You may leave your schedule precisely the way it is and your Realtor will create a home showing request schedule around that. It is a worry free experience.
  • What if you pay some company a set amount of dollars to simply put it in the MLS? Remember, if selling a home were easy, then everyone would be doing it and the average Realtor would be making more than $42,000.00 a year; selling only a few homes. Simply putting your home in the MLS will not ensure its sale. It may instead  tie you down to a contract while it just sits there. The longer it sits there, the less appealing it looks to prospective buyers and the lower the offers you will receive if any. The truth is, it takes time, marketing, knowledge, patience, compassion, and many other variables to sell a home. Skip the stress and find someone who knows them all. 
Finally, a good Realtor is one that understands how to net you the most money for your home in the shortest amount of time. They realize first and foremost that there is much more to selling a home than putting the home into the Multiple Listing Service, putting a sign in the yard, and hoping that someone happens upon it. A good Realtor will have a strong marketing plan to spread the word about your property. Finding the right buyer match for your home is a numbers game and the more people in the world who know your property is for sale, the higher the likelihood of making that match! A good Realtor understands this and follows through. So if you're looking to sell your home with the least amount of hassle in the least amount of time, and for the most money, hire a good Realtor to help you! Your investment is worth it. Invest in your life.




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